9 Sneaky Workouts That Trick You into Forgetting How Hard They Are

9 Sneaky Workouts That Trick You into Forgetting How Hard They Are

When was recess replaced by an elliptical machine? While we love the consistency of our typical gym workout, sometimes we need something a little more fun. On those days, we hit up one of these nine play-inspired workouts.

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? If circus performer used to be your usual answer, then hit up AIR , where you’ll build strength and flexibility in aerial yoga classes.

2. Expect to develop a girl crush on your instructor at MaZi Dance Fitness . It doesn’t matter if you’re in ballerina fight club or b-girl hip-hop, she’ll teach you some next-level moves.

3. There was a time in your life when you had to climb everything. Harness that at First Ascent , which offers both auto belay and bouldering at three locations.

4. Jiu-Jitsu isn’t just for the boys. Brazil-021’s women’s program is taught by a black belt female champ and will empower you with its brand of martial arts that allows the weaker to beat the stronger.

5. Whether you’re a first-timer or former captain of the varsity cheer squad, Lakeshore Academy ’s 90-minute adults-only gymnastics sessions can be tailored to you.

6. Trapeze School New York sets up shop at Belmont Harbor during the summer months, which means you’ll fly through the air with views of the lake on one side and the city on the other. Sure beats your building’s basement gym.

7. Tap, ballet, hip-hop… Joel Hall Dance Center teaches it all. The studio has been around for 40 years, so you’re in good hands.

8. There are three rules at the biweekly dance free-for-all that is Dance Dance Party Party : no boys, no booze and no judgment. If only high school had been like that.

9. Jump to your heart’s content at the trampoline park Sky High Sports . You’ll definitely see a fair amount of actual kids, but adults (and kids at heart) are very much welcome.