Do You Prefer These Celebrities With Or Without Glasses?

Do You Prefer These Celebrities With Or Without Glasses?

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are becoming an increasingly important part of everyone’s look. As an accessory their importance rivals that of an other accessory or piece of jewelry and many celebrities use it to accent their look. We wanted to see what some celebs would look like wearing some of the eyewear we carry.

For each celeb picture, grab a hold of the red dot in the middle and slide to the left and right to see what each of these celebrities would look like with and without glasses. Which look do you prefer?

In this on / off photo of Ariana Grande is wearing a pair of Kate Spade Deeann frames which are semi-rectangle, full rim women’s eyeglasses crafted with a metal front and metal and plastic temples. The sophisticated frames can go from a day at the office to a night on the town.

Since the X-Files are coming back to TV, we wanted to see what Spooky Mulder, a.k.a David Duchovny would look like in this beautiful pair of Marc Jacobs MJ518’s

Starring in this summer’s Age of Ultron as new Avenger Scarlett Witch, we added a pair of colourful Etnia Weimar glasses to Elizabeth Olsen.

The other half of the X-Files, the beautiful Gillian Anderson seems to be aging in reverse and we wanted to see what she would look like in a pair of Alain Mikli A03024 frames that we think look quite stylish.

Chris Hemsworth is a handsome man regardless of accessories, and it’s unlikely that Thor would need corrective lenses but we think he looks especially good in this pair of OGA frames.

One of the best selling rap-music artists in history, Nelly is often seen wearing a pair of shades but we wanted to see what he’d look like in a pair of oversized Ray Ban’s that properly frame his face.

Robert Downey Jr. staged one of the greatest acting comebacks in Hollywood history and now he exudes a fashionable style wherever he goes. Often seen wearing various coloured shades here’s what RDJ would look like in a beautiful pair of simple Alain Mikli glasses.

This country music superstar (Shania Twain) isn’t producing as much music as she used to but she did just announce her first tour in 11 years, plus she’s Canadian so we wanted to see what she’d look like in this pair of You’s Eyeworks frames.