The Best Workouts for People Who Hate Working Out

The Best Workouts for People Who Hate Working Out

Some people love nothing more than to spend an hour in a dark room with music blasting and an impossibly toned 25-year-old screaming in their face to squat faster. Other people would rather gouge their eyes out than endure that cruel and unusual torture. Hey, other people: consider the following four exercises that are perfect if you hate working out.


If the idea of sitting on a bike going nowhere for 45 minutes makes you want to cry, seek out classes that get you moving all over the place while jamming it out to Beyoncé and Drake. Dance classes are high-energy and high-intensity, meaning your heart will be pumping for almost an hour straight. Pretend you’re in a club instead of a sweaty gym and you won’t even realize all the good you’re doing for your body. And keep in mind that dance cardio is approximately 100 times more fun if you’re dropping it low alongside a few pals.


Ahh , being on the water is so calming. So why not burn some calories while you’re at it? Stand-up paddleboarding can be a little tricky to master, but once you get the hang of it, it’s almost unparalleled when it comes to working your core. (Plus, you’ll be concentrating so hard on keeping your balance, you won’t even notice you’ve been exercising for 45 minutes.) Swimming is a low-impact, full-body workout that’s great for anyone with joint pain. A nice, long swim or paddle lets you elevate your heart rate without putting much (or any) strain on your joints. It’s also super meditative and all-around lovely.


Trekking through the woods is a fantastic full-body workout (with an emphasis on your lower body if there are lots of hills). It’s also a great way to get fresh air and distract yourself from the fact that you’re exercising. Hiking is also good for pretty much every fitness level, since you can choose paths that are easier or harder, based on how far you want to push your body. Plus, what other workout has the Instagram potential of reaching a gorgeous peak overlooking a sprawling valley or running river?


Think outside the box. Just because you aren’t wearing sneakers doesn’t mean you aren’t getting fit. For example, cooking a (healthy) meal for 45 minutes burns 100 calories. Sure, that’s not as many as you’d burn during a spin class, but when you combine that with playing with your kids for 25 minutes, chasing your dog around for 30 minutes and styling your hair for 35 minutes (all of which burn 100 calories), it adds up.